More Than 12,000 Current And Former FBI Agents Just Blasted Trump For Attacking Their Integrity

The FBI Agents Association blasted Donald Trump for attacking the credibility of FBI agents as part of his efforts to discredit the Russia investigation.

Trump tweeted:


The FBI Agents Association delivered a forceful rebuke of the President:

It is never a smart idea to antagonize the people who are investigating you and your family for potential crimes, but no one, besides Trump, has ever said that the President is intelligent. All Trump accomplishes when he tries to discredit the FBI is inspiring the agents to work harder. Trump’s attacks are a classic clue that investigators are getting close. Any other president trying to discredit the FBI would be front page news, but Trump’s attacks on those who are investigating him aren’t even the third biggest Trump-related story of the weekend.

The professionals at the FBI will do their jobs, and there is not a Trump tweet can do to stop them.

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