Democrats Have A 9 Point Lead In 25 Critical GOP Held Swing Districts That Will Decide The House

There is a wave brewing as a new PPP Poll revealed that Democrats are closing in on a double-digit in the 25 swing districts that will decide which party controls the House.

The PPP Poll:

While Trump has a (-15) net approval rating in these districts, the poll reveals that it is House Speaker Paul Ryan who Democrats should be targeting. Ryan is more than twice as unpopular as Trump with a net approval rating of (-31). Voters said by a 51%-41% margin that Trump and the Republicans would be blamed if there was a government shutdown and that by an even larger margin they don’t want to pay for Trump’s border wall with Mexico.

Democrats are moving in the correct direction. The political wind is at their back, and if their keeps growing in swing districts, the 2018 election would just be a win. It will be a rout.