Trump Is So Unstable That His Advisers Have To Withhold Information From Him Or He Flips Out


The President’s advisers have to structure Trump’s briefings so that Russian election meddling is never mentioned, because when Russia and the election are brought up, Trump goes off the rails.

The Washington Post reported:

U.S. officials declined to discuss whether the stream of recent intelligence on Russia has been shared with Trump. Current and former officials said that his daily intelligence update — known as the president’s daily brief, or PDB — is often structured to avoid upsetting him.



“If you talk about Russia, meddling, interference — that takes the PDB off the rails,” said a second former senior U.S. intelligence official.

Trump can’t be given facts in the same manner as other presidents. Information has to be massaged or hidden from him to prevent the President from getting upset and blowing up. Trump is making life and death decision with inadequate information because if his advisers tell him the truth, he gets upset.

America needs a steady hand at the wheel, not a 71-year-old man baby who can’t handle the truth.

The President Of The United States is unstable and unfit to serve.

There will never be an adequate response to the Russia scandal from the White House because Trump refuses to believe that Russia hacked the election. Trump is a problem, and president and America will better off when the country has a president who leads instead of being worked around.