Watch A Republican Congressman Go Bat Sh*t Crazy While Calling For The Firing Of Robert Mueller

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) who was just onboard Air Force One with Trump last week went on CNN and went into total lunatic mode while embracing a conspiracy theory that Robert Mueller is trying to destroy democracy by investigating Trump and Russia.


Rep. Gaetz said on CNN’s New Day, “Look, the timeline is what it is, right? The fact that Mueller after getting rejected for getting his own job back and picks Andrew Weissman to be his number two, and you are saying he couldn’t pick somebody that didn’t attend the Hillary Clinton election party, and the conflicts of interests abound. This is not an opinion, it’s action, Chris. You have Weissman sending an e-mail on his doj account praising somebody for defying the government, and that’s not an opinion, when strzok says I will be the insurance policy, and he talks about his girlfriend, Lisa Page, throwing out a plan in Mccabe’s office to undermine the democracy in our country and the congress has an obligation to expose what I believe is a corrupt investigation and I call on my Republican colleagues to join me in firing Mueller. If there’s collusion of Russia, let’s see it.”

As Kaitlin Collins of CNN pointed out:

The crazy in the Republican Party isn’t limited to Trump. Rep. Gaetz was nearly frothing at the mouth as he described why a Special Counsel working for United States law enforcement is a plot to undermine democracy by investigating the relationship between the Trump campaign and a hostile foreign power.

Republicans keep trying to move the goalposts. Collusion isn’t a crime. It is the byproducts of the relationship between Trump and Russia that are illegal. The financial crimes, lying to the FBI, obstruction of justice, and benefits that the Trump campaign received from Russia. Those are all potential areas of criminal activity.

The Russia investigations are getting to close to the truth. Republicans are melting down, and with the clock ticking toward the 2018 midterm election, Trump allies in Congress are getting desperate about shutting the Russia investigations down.