Trump Has Lied Nearly 2,000 Times During His First Year in Office

Over the past 347 days, President Trump has lied to or intentionally misled the public a staggering 1,950 times, according to The Washington Post’s fact checker. With this averaging out to nearly 6 lies per day, he’ll reach the 2,000 mark by the anniversary of his inauguration easily.

He has lied about practically every policy issue — healthcare, taxes, the environment, terrorism, jobs, crime, immigration, gun control, education, and more — as well as about his own life. And, of course, the ongoing Russia scandal served as another fodder for his falsehoods.

His recent impromptu interview with a New York Times reporter included 24 misleading or completely false claims — an amazing feat considering the conversation was only 30 minutes long.

Trump’s most-repeated misleading claim — he’s brought it up 85 times — is that of the stock market being at an “all-time high.” While a presidential candidate, he insisted numerous times that the market would crash if interest rates were raised, which has happened three times since his taking office and has not led to the market’s decline. The market’s rise has also not been anything out of the ordinary and is still not on par with the improvement foreign markets have been experiencing.

One of his top two lies is the claim that the Affordable Care Act is “essentially dead” or dying. Despite Trump’s attempts to keep voters in the dark about the Republican Party’s plan of inserting a partial repeat of the ACA in their recently-passed tax bill, enrollment rose astronomically over the past year, which experts believe has to do with anxiety over the Trump administration’s desire to kill Obamacare.

The Post’s fact checker also reveals — to no one’s surprise — that Trump likes to take credit for achievements he isn’t responsible for.

All the lies Trump tells are easily debunked with simple Google searches and can be verified with video and audio evidence, or with government documents available to the public. His confidence in flagrantly telling so many falsehoods is a sign of how unintelligent he thinks the general public — or maybe just his voter base — is.