Donald Trump Jr. Cracks Up On Twitter As A Potential Life Behind Bars Looms Ahead

Sounding more and more like his father, a cracking up Donald Trump Jr. unleashed a rant on Twitter that showed the talk of his treasonous activities with Russia is getting to the President’s son.

Trump Jr. tweeted:

If you have spent more than two minutes reading Trump Jr.’s tweets, you already know that he is not very bright. Don Jr. tried to play the patriot card by making it look like Steve Bannon is unpatriotic for not keeping his mouth closed about the Trump family’s criminal activities. Trump Jr. claimed that Bannon is the nightmare when the truth is that the President’s son has been a nightmare for the Republican Party since reports of his meetings with Russians first surfaced.

Trump Jr. is clearly cracking. In Michael Wolff’s soon to be released book, Bannon said that Mueller would crack Trump Jr. like an egg. Nothing in the tweet above suggests that Steve Bannon was wrong. Based on the currently known public information, Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner are the two members of the Trump family who are most likely to go to prison. Remember, that Trump can’t use his federal pardon power to protect his son from state charges.

It is all beginning to unravel for Donald Trump Jr., and the president’s son is showing that he will be nothing more than a speed bump for Special Counsel Robert Mueller.