Even Kellyanne Conway Sounds Defeated As She Tries To Praise Trump For Shutdown Leadership


Kellyanne Conway stepped in front of cameras mumbled some words about Trump leading on the government shutdown then walked away. It was the clearest signal yet that the White House is already sounding defeated on the government shutdown.



Conway said, “We certainly hope they can get it together. Our military workers and government workers deserve it, our military spouses and those CHIP recipients. That’s what leadership looks like, the president inviting people from both chambers both parties again and again to the white house to discuss matters of the day with him.”

Kellyanne Conway’s only job in this White House is to go on TV and cheerlead for Trump, but what one heard in her voice in that statement to the press was a sad cheerleader who even if she doesn’t want to admit it with her words, looked and sounded defeated.

Trump isn’t going to win a government shutdown fight. I doubt that the White House and Congressional Republicans have come or will ever fully arrive at this realization, but they understand that they aren’t winning, and are likely to lose in any deal that prevents or ends a government shutdown.

Not even alternative facts Kellyanne Conway can spin victory from the jaws of this defeat.