Russia Scandal Bombshell: Trump Tried To Ghostwrite Question For Republicans To Ask At Hearing

Donald Trump tried to rig a congressional hearing by trying to ghostwrite questions for Republicans to ask Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

CNN reported:
As a further sign of the President’s focus on Rosenstein’s testimony, one of the sources said Trump also had suggested questions to members of Congress that they could ask Rosenstein.

One line of inquiry Trump proposed lawmakers ask about was whether Rosenstein appointed Mueller as special counsel to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 election because Mueller was not selected as FBI director. CNN has reported that Trump has been venting to his aides about Rosenstein in recent weeks and even raised the possibility of his removal. Sources say Trump believes Rosenstein was upset Mueller wasn’t selected as FBI director and responded by making him special counsel. It does not appear those questions were asked of Rosenstein at the hearing.

Meddling in Russia investigations is a consistent Trump pattern

Trump’s meddling in the Russia investigation is constant. He is pulling the strings of Republicans in the House which is why the Intelligence Committee investigation in that body is a total train wreck. Trump fired Comey to kill the FBI investigation of his presidential campaign. Trump has been using the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of his attack on the FBI.

Donald Trump is a policy idiot with no knowledge and no interest in governing, but when he is interested in something, Trump has the reputation of being an obsessive micromanager. The CNN report illustrates the degree of corruption and contempt that Trump has for the rule of law. The president will cross any boundary and violate any law in his frantic effort to destroy the Russia investigation.

As long as Republicans are in charge of Congress, the congressional Russia investigations will be under constant attack. The only mechanism for stopping the criminal president is to elect a Democratic Congress to both check and investigate him this November.

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