Trump Is Making Things Even Worse As His Memo Fight With FBI Could Land Him In Court

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX) suggested that the DOJ should take Trump to court over the release of the memo.


Jackson Lee said on CNN, “If Director Wray felt so strongly about the overall impact of the Nunes memo, written in such a short order, as it has been by staff, with the influence of Republican members and no input by democratic members and the intelligence committee should not be partisan, it should be nonpartisan, I indicated that the department of justice, the FBI should seek to enjoin the release of that document. I believe it should be heard in court because of the severity of the ultimate impact and it is tragic it would come to that because the FBI and the DOJ are part of the executive branch. They are part of the president’s cabinet and should be working closely to protect the American people. Now we have a schism, a crisis, that I don’t know, poppy, how it will heal as we go forward for the president and the FBI and the DOJ to work together. And that’s an important collaboration.”

Rep. Jackson Lee provided another example of Trump’s desperate need for a Russia cover-up is tearing apart the seams of the US government and making the situation worse for the Republican Party. The White House hasn’t thought about how the release of this memo keeps the Russia scandal at the top of the news instead of the tax cut mythology that they are pushing.

The memo is an attempt by House Republicans to make insecure Trump feel protected from the Russia scandal. It is only a matter of time before the administration ends up in court. It would be highly unusual for the DOJ to sue the administration, but the rift between the DOJ and Trump has grown to the degree that it wouldn’t be surprising. Rep. Jackson Lee was right. If the memo does present a danger to national security, the DOJ should ask the courts to decide.

The big picture view is that the memo is a part of the pathology that will bring Trump down in the end.

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