Trump Is Blocking Efforts To Fight Russian Interference In US Elections

Members of Congress are sounding the alarm, but the White House has been blocking efforts to fight Russian election interference by refusing to admit that there is a problem.

After Sen. Mark Warner tweeted:

CNN’s Jim Sciutto tweeted:

The Russians compromised US voter rolls, and they are coming for more

It was confirmed on Wednesday that the Russians were able to get into the voter rolls in several states in 2016. It is also widely known that their election interference efforts around the world have not stopped, and will not stop on their own in the United States. Democrats and Republicans in Congress are trying to fight the Russian meddling in US elections, but they can’t do it without the White House.

Trump won’t combat Russian election interference, because that is how he won

Trump has zero interest in cracking down on Russia because the Russians are the reason why he is currently in the White House. If America is going to stop Russian election interference, they will first have to get Trump out of the White House. The Russians will continue to interfere for Trump because they have never stopped. For example, the release the memo social media campaign was heavily pushed by Russian bots.

Donald Trump isn’t going to fix the problem because he is the problem. When the United States gets rid of Trump, the country will be able to combat the problem.

This is reason one million why the Trump presidency must come to an end.