A Man Shot Himself Dead Outside The White House

On Saturday, a man died after shooting himself in the head outside the White House. The man has been identified by the Secret Service, but his name is currently being withheld from the media.

A statement by the Secret Service read:

At approximately 11:46 AM, a white male suffered a self-inflicted gun-shot wound to the head outside the North White House fence line.

The subject is deceased. The subject approached the vicinity of the North White House fence line and removed a concealed handgun and fired several rounds, none of which appear at this time to have been directed towards the White House.

The President and First Lady were not in the White House at the time of the incident.

The Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department will be the lead investigative organization for this shooting, supported by the U.S. Secret Service Washington Field Office and other law enforcement organizations.

No other persons were injured as a result of this incident to include Secret Service and responding law enforcement and medical emergency response personnel.

As the incident occurred recently, the reason behind the man’s suicide and his motive for doing it outside the White House is likely still being investigated.