Watch A “Small Government” Republican Squirm As Chuck Todd Calls Out His Tariff Hypocrisy

House Ways and Means Committee Chair Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) tried to say that Republicans were for limited government interference when NBC’s Chuck Todd called the Trump tariff a lot of government interference.


Brady said, “So look, Republicans believe in the freedom to trade. Now we believe you ought to be able to buy and sell and compete anywhere in the world with as little government interference as well.”

Todd said, “This is a lot of government interference. This is a lot of government interference.”

Brady continued, “Thank you, Chuck. But to finish my sentence. Part of fair trade is to make sure there is a clear and fair level playing field. And China has overcapacity and gained the free trade system so it is important every country has remedy laws in place to dress a dress these issues. The president is using this remedy in this view hits that target we want to make sure he does.”

Republicans can’t claim that they support limited government and also Trump’s tariff. The Trump tariff is the opposite of limited government. It is maximum government interference and market manipulation. Republicans are supposed to believe that the government has no role in the free market, so if that is still the case, Republicans should be going on every television channel and denouncing the Trump tariff.

Instead of standing up for their principles, people like Paul Ryan are begging their fellow Republicans not to bully Trump on the tariff.
The Republican Party is no longer conservative. They are a hypocritical joke who under Trump are violating their principles on a daily basis.

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