March For Our Lives Draws 3 Times More People To DC Than Trump’s Inauguration

The March For Our Lives protest drew an estimated 800,000 people to Washington, D.C. compared to the 250,000 who attended Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Here is the crowd estimate:

The official estimate of Trump’s inauguration crowd size was 250,000 people.

The aerial view of the March For Our Lives crowd:

Trump’s inauguration crowd:

There is no comparison. The March For Our Lives crowd blew anything that Donald Trump has ever done out of the water. Trump should have been in the White House for the March, but instead, he is spending the weekend in Florida playing golf, because this is a president who can’t handle protest, dissent, or criticism. The marchers are demanding gun control and promising a revolution.

The number of people who turned out to protest the and demand policies that this president and his party oppose is proof that Trump and the Republicans are living on borrowed time. The next generation is coming, and they will not stop until the change that Trump and his party oppose becomes a reality.