Stormy Daniels Just Turned Trump Into A One Term President

Stormy Daniels was credible in her 60 Minutes interview, but the details she provided were devastating enough to turn Trump into a one-term president.

Daniels detailed spanking Trump in fun:


Daniels: Just, I don’t think anyone’s ever spoken to him like that, especially, you know, a young woman who looked like me. And I said, you know, “Give me that,” and I just remember him going, “You wouldn’t.” “Hand it over.” And– so he did, and I was like, “Turn around, drop ’em.”

Cooper: You– you told Donald Trump to turn around and take off his pants.

Daniels: Yes.
Cooper: And did he?

Daniels: Yes. So he turned around and pulled his pants down a little– you know had underwear on and stuff and I just gave him a couple swats.

Cooper: This was done in a joking manner.

Daniels also detailed being physically threatened:

Daniels said, “I was in a parking lot, going to a fitness class with my infant daughter. Taking, you know, the seats facing backwards in the backseat, diaper bag, you know, getting all the stuff out. And a guy walked up on me and said to me, “Leave Trump alone. Forget the story.” And then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said, “That’s a beautiful little girl. It’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.” And then he was gone.”

The Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes interview is crushing

Stormy Daniels was highly credible. It is clear now why Trump was trying to keep her quiet. Besides the humiliating details, there are also the physical threats. The majority of the country is already embarrassed by Trump, and now there are details from a credible witness on national television. This is no anonymously sourced report or baseless allegations. Daniels appears to have evidence of the affair.

Trump has been a one-termer waiting to happen, and the Stormy Daniels affair is poised to make this a reality.

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