Democratic Senator Blasts The ‘Parade’ Of Corrupt, Self-Serving People In Trump’s Government

Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii slammed Donald Trump on Thursday for leading one of the most corrupt and self-serving administrations in history.

The Democrat said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s reckless use of taxpayer dollars is just the tip of the iceberg, and “there are more” in the administration doing the same thing.


Sen. Hirono said:

We’ve certainly seen enough of this parade of really terrible administrators and secretaries depart, and that’s why I think that Scott Pruitt is not long for his job. And even Chris Christie has said he should never have been put there in the first place. And while he may be doing the bidding of the gas and oil interests, even for them, I would say that maybe this is too much. … I don’t expect it ends with Pruitt. There are others. Ryan Zinke comes to mind. There are others who have various kinds of ethical and other issues that arise as to them.

Trump’s administration is full of corruption

Like the Democratic senator said on Thursday, this president – a guy who campaigned on draining the corrupt swamp of Washington D.C. – has filled his administration with folks who see government as a tool to enrich themselves.

As I noted on Wednesday, Scott Pruitt is not an isolated incident. He’s part of a larger problem with this administration. For some reason – perhaps because of the example set by Trump – these people feel as though the U.S. government is their playtoy.

Today it’s Pruitt, but he joins a long and growing list of individuals that previously served or continue to serve in this administration – from ex-HHS Secretary Tom Price to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

EPA head Scott Pruitt is clearly on his way out, but he will leave behind a culture of entitlement and corruption that has festered in this administration since day one.