Whistleblower In Cambridge Analytica Scandal Will Be Cooperating With Justice Department

Christopher Wylie, the whistleblower in the Cambridge Analytica scandal that has recently put Facebook under hot water, says he will cooperate with the Department of Justice’s investigation looking into the matter.

Speaking to NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” Wylie responded to the question as to whether he’s been contacted by U.S. authorities in Congress or in the Justice Department by confirming that he has heard from officials in both.

He also confirmed that he’ll be cooperating with their investigations.

“I plan to [be cooperating],” he said. “We’re just setting out dates that I can actually go and sit down and meet with [them].”

Cambridge Analytica is a political consulting firm based in London that could have access to the data of as many as more than 87 million Facebook users without their knowledge — data which the Trump campaign, which used the firm’s information during the 2016 election, might have used in their favor.