Desperate Republicans Are Begging Trump Not To Fire Mueller

Senate Republicans are begging Trump not to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller because they don’t want the Russia investigation to be their problem.

Politico reported, “Republicans are mounting an urgent defense of special counsel Robert Mueller in the face of President Donald Trump’s latest attacks, with one key senator leading a renewed push to protect him and other GOP lawmakers arguing the special counsel’s report should become public when Mueller finishes his work. The GOP alarm was palpable on Tuesday in the wake of Trump leaving the door open to canning Mueller. Republicans lawmakers are desperately trying to keep Mueller’s probe into Trump on track after the FBI raided the offices of Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, warning Trump he will end his presidency with such a move.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) tried to appeal to Trump’s ego by telling CNN that he thinks Trump is smarter than that when it comes to firing Mueller, but Trump demonstrated when he fired Comey that is most definitely not smarter than that.

With only a 51-49 Senate majority, Republicans are trapped. If they protect Mueller, Trump may turn his supporters against them and cost them the Senate. If Trump fires Mueller, the Russia scandal becomes their problem right before the midterm election. The best outcome for Senate Republicans will be if Trump is convinced not to fire Mueller.

Should Trump fire Mueller a Democratic takeover the Senate will be in play.

No matter what Senate Republicans do, they are screwed, which is why the only hope for McConnell and company is to convince the unstable president not to blow up their party before the midterm.

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