Republicans Fake Suprise That Paul Ryan Fled The Trump Dumpster Fire

Republicans have been acting surprised that Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is not running for reelection, but the news of his bailing has been known for months, and the reason isn’t just family. It’s the Trump dumpster fire and bloodbath that is coming in the midterm.

Video of House Freedom Caucus Chair Rep. Mark Meadows trying to spin this:

Meadows said, “I think anybody who suggested that they knew that this was coming would be disingenuous. I fully support if, obviously he’s going to be with his family and I support that. He’s been a strong supporter of the cause for many years if not decades and his leaving the create a real vacuum. But also it’s more important that we deliver on behalf of the American people for the next nine months leading up to the midterms.”

Ryan’s departure has been reported since December 2017. This news is no surprise. Ryan is planning on using his remaining time in office to gut Social Security and Medicare.

Paul Ryan and the Republicans can say that his decision was about family, but the truth is that Ryan can see that Democrats are in a strong position to take back the House, and he doesn’t want to serve in the minority. Ryan is also tired of the same House Republican dysfunction that pushed John Boehner into retirement.

There is also the Russia investigation that is knocking on Ryan’s door, as pressure is growing for an independent investigation into the role of House Republicans in covering for Trump.

It is a fairy tale to think that Ryan is leaving for family and going out on top. The reality is that Ryan is about to lose the biggest House majority in modern history because he is a terrible Speaker who got nothing done while serving and Trump’s congressional cabana boy.

Paul Ryan is escaping before the Trump GOP collapses on him.