Sean Hannity Hired Two Other Trump-Linked Lawyers Last Year


Michael Cohen isn’t the only lawyer connected to Trump who Fox News anchor Sean Hannity has reportedly done or considered doing business with.

According to a report by The Atlantic, also hired Victoria Toensing and Jay Sekulow. The former and her husband were hired to join Trump’s legal team for the Russia probe earlier this year but those plans ultimately fell through due to conflict of interests; the latter is currently working as one of Trump’s lawyers to defend him in Mueller’s investigation.

Hannity hired Toensing and Sekulow last spring to send a cease-and-desist letter to KFAQ, an Oklahoma radio station, after conservative commentator Debbie Schlussel accused Hannity of behaving in a “creepy” manner around her on one of the station’s shows. Hannity denied the allegations.


The letter was ultimately sent but before either lawyer was hired by Trump.

Asked to comment on their connection to the two men, Toensing confirmed that she had been Hannity’s lawyer “at that time” but wouldn’t clarify if she still was; Sekulow has yet to respond to The Atlantic’s request.

“I’ve just learned in the press that anybody who is Sean Hannity’s lawyer is going to be blasted so I think this phone call is over,” Toensing said. “I’m wondering what attorney-client privilege means to anybody. I don’t say who my clients are, sometimes I do, and many times, most of the time, I do not.”

Hannity responded to the story by saying he didn’t have time for such “silly questions” and sending links to articles about media bias and corruption published on the right-wing websites NewsBusters and the Daily Caller.