Trump Walked Into James Comey’s Trap And Made His Book A Bestseller

The rollout of the James Comey book was designed to get under Trump’s skin and help Comey’s book become a bestseller. Trump walked right into the trap, and it worked like a charm.
The Washington Post reported that Trump is acting as his own communications director, which is how he walked into the Comey set up:

The rollout of Comey’s book was designed to get Trump’s goat and force an over-the-top response that would boost sales. The president has walked right into the trap.

“It’s just like everybody wakes up every morning and does whatever is right in front of them,” a West Wing aide told The Post last week for a story on the president’s impulsiveness. “Oh, my God, Trump Tower is on fire. Oh, my God, they raided Michael Cohen’s office. Oh, my God, we’re going to bomb Syria. Whatever is there is what people respond to, and there is no proactive strategic thinking.”

There is no strategic thinking

The Trump White House has no communications strategy. They don’t have an overall message. Trump is impulsive and reactive. Donald Trump is never on offense. He thinks that he is on offense, but he is constantly reacting and defending. Smart people like James Comey and his publisher understood that the easiest way to manipulate Trump is to get him to react. Just like Stormy Daniels and her lawyer before him, James Comey set an obvious trap.

The whole point of the Comey media tour was to get Trump to respond.

Every other president has been smart enough to know that you don’t take the bait, but Trump is so undisciplined and lacking self-control that he couldn’t ignore Comey’s book.

If it is this easy for James Comey and Stormy Daniels to manipulate Trump, Putin and the Russians must be having a field day, and if Trump ever sits down with Robert Mueller, his presidency will be over.

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