Comey Memos Trigger A Midnight Meltdown From Trump

Trump frantically tried to spin the Comey memos as proof that he did not collude or obstruct justice, but the memos offer no evidence to back up Trump’s claims.

Trump tweeted:

You can read the memos for yourself. They offer proof that Trump was intent on obstructing justice, as he was pressuring the then FBI Director to drop the investigation into Mike Flynn. It has been widely reported that Donald Trump doesn’t read, so it is a given that he has not read the memos. Trump is trying to fool his supporters who also won’t read the memos into believing that he has been exonerated by Comey’s own hand.

The president’s claims are the opposite of the truth.

What is certain is that Comey and the Russia investigation are under Trump’s skin. It was nearly midnight, and the president was melting down and spinning into overdrive over the memos. James Comey has told the same story over and over and over again. His memos match his Congressional testimony, which matches his book, which matches his media interviews. Trump is losing it because his lies are no competition for James Comey’s truth, and his midnight meltdown reveals the depth of Trump’s Russia scandal obsession.

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