Trump Tries To Hold Melania’s Hand And Gets Totally Shot Down

Trump tried to hold the hand of his wife as they welcomed French President Macron and his wife to the White House, but the First Lady wanted no party of PDA with her adulterous husband.


This is not the first time that Melania Trump has rejected her husband in public. At an airport in Israel last summer, Melania Trump gave her husband the get your hands off of me smack heard around the world, and that was before Stormy Daniels, Playboy playmates, and others who have come forward with stories of affairs with the now president.

The Obamas were a role model first family. During the Obama years, public displays of heartfelt affection for one another were normal. Under Trump, the country has gotten to witness public displays of contempt toward each other from the first family. Trump and his wife live separate lives. Displays of affection between the two are always cold and forced. Just as there is no warmth in Trump’s policies, there appears to be no warmth in his marriage.

Trump always blusters about strength, but the reality is that Trump is a small man who is so disgusting that his own wife won’t hold his hand.

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