Trump To Hide Behind Executive Privilege And Not Answer Mueller Obstruction Of Justice Questions

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace dropped a bombshell. Trump is bringing in impeachment lawyer Emmett Flood to assert executive privilege and not answer any of Robert Mueller’s questions about obstruction of justice.


Nicolle Wallace reported, “I am also told there is a unanimous belief among the president’s allies the president’s best legal strategy at this point in the obstruction of justice investigation is to exert executive privilege and not answer the kinds of questions detailed in The New York Times this week. One attorney involved in the Mueller investigation told me today that the release of the questions to The New York Times was a, quote, inside job designed to get through to the president. More significant perhaps, two sources tell me that Emmet Flood is Don McGann’s handpicked successor as White House counsel.”

Trump is going to try to use the presidency to keep himself away from obstruction of justice questions. The White House’s position is a reminder of what they are most worried about. The White House isn’t freaking out about Russia collusion, although Trump is. The president’s legal team is more concerned with the obstruction of justice investigation, which is where they should be the most worried since Trump admitted on national television to Lester Holt that he fired James Comey because of the Russia investigation.

The standoff between Mueller and Trump is getting more entrenched. The Special Counsel investigation is not going to be finished in weeks or months. With the hardening of battle lines, the scandal could go on for another year at minimum.

Trump’s lawyers don’t want him answering questions about obstruction of justice, because that is where the case for impeachment resides.

Executive privilege is the last line of defense of sinking presidents. If Trump decides to go this route, the Russia investigation is about to turn ugly.

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