Alec Baldwin Perfectly Helps Joe Piscopo Explain Stormy Daniels On SNL To His Kids

Alec Baldwin helped out Joe Piscopo who wanted to know what to tell his kids about Stormy Daniels on SNL with the ultimate Trump/Stormy explanation.

Video of Fox Business’ Mornings With Maria, where Piscopo was almost forced to retire to his fainting couch:

Piscopo said, “My old alma mater, I love them, I’m so loyal to SNL. But Stormy Daniels on SNL? Lorne Michaels doesn’t even ask me to go on SNL. Stormy Daniels? I thought it was way, way, over the line and totally unnecessary, Maria.”

He then played the what about the children card, “But you know what? Don’t put Stormy Daniels in there. What do I tell my kids? Dad, how do I get on Saturday Night Live? ‘Well you be an adult film star.’ I mean, really?”

Alec Baldwin had the perfect reply:

First of all, Joe Piscopo is still a thing? As in someone actually pays him money to do something? Huh. Who knew?

Secondly, Baldwin was right. Stormy Daniels as a news story is a Trump creation. If Trump wasn’t a terrible human being, he wouldn’t be cheating on his wife and family with adult film actors and then having to try to pay them off with hush money.

If Joe Piscopo were really worried about the children, he would tell them to be nothing like Donald Trump.

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