Slumlord Sean Hannity Makes Money By Threatening To Evict Poor People

An analysis of Sean Hannity’s real estate holdings found that he used evictions and eviction threats against poor to generate revenue for his business.

The Washington Post reported:

Some of the court files include notes showing that sheriff’s deputies removed residents. More often, though, tenants who were taken to court avoided eviction by paying their past-due rent along with hundreds of dollars in late fees and other costs, records show. The Post found that property managers repeatedly filed eviction actions against many of those residents.

Told of The Post’s findings, three experts said the pattern suggests that the threat of eviction is being used not just to remove tenants but also to generate revenue.

“When they are serially filing against the same tenants, they are using the courts as collection agencies,” said Susan Reif, head of the Eviction Prevention Project at the publicly funded Georgia Legal Services Program. “It appears they are just trying to increase their profit margin by demanding fees under the threat of being evicted from your home.”

A light is being shined on who fake populist Sean Hannity really is, and he is more Donald Trump than the outraged common man that he plays on television. It isn’t a surprise that Trump’s top media cheerleader has the same lack of empathy and compassion that characterizes the president.

Sean Hannity is making money by threatening to kick poor and working-class people out of their homes. The same people that Hannity appeals to on a nightly basis as real Americans are who he is shaking down during the day.

Hannity is an even worse human being than you already thought he was.

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