Trump Associate Whines That Mueller Is Treating Them Like Mobsters


Trump associate Sam Nunberg complained on MSNBC that Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation is unfair because Mueller is treating them like mobsters.



Nunberg said, “I can tell you that any grand jury testimony that I gave, they didn’t ask me about any financial issues because I really don’t know anything about it, but in the guise of Michael Cohen and in the guise of Paul Manafort, and Mueller’s team may lose that decision that is coming down in a couple weeks, they’re going to do financial matters. And that goes back to the fact that whether or not Donald Trump should have hosted the Russians, which he shouldn’t have, the day after he fired Comey, it didn’t give Bob Mueller and Rosenstein the free right to treat every trump associate as if we’re the mafia, as if we’re mobsters because that is what is going on here and this that is not fair.”

Maybe, Mueller and his team are treating Trump and his associates like a criminal enterprise, because they are a criminal enterprise? That is the explanation that makes the most sense.

When one side’s defense comes down to we are being treated unfairly, it is a big sign that they are losing badly. Trump and his associated are being routed by the Mueller investigation. Contrary to what Nunberg suggested, financial crimes are no small matter, especially when those crimes establish the foundational relationship between conspiring parties. Trump supporters are trying to place the different parts of the investigation into separate baskets, but the threads are coming together, and what is emerging is a comprehensive picture of a corrupt presidential campaign that was open for business with anyone and everyone who was willing to pay.

If Trump and his associates don’t want to be treated like the mafia, then they need to stop committing crimes.

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