Fox News Calls Trump A Dictator As He Arrives For N. Korea Summit

Fox News described Trump arriving in Singapore for the N. Korea summit as a historic meeting between two dictators.


Abby Huntsman narrated over video of Trump getting off of the plane in Singapore on Fox News Sunday, “There we have him, the President Of The United States, Donald Trump about to walk down those stairs, stepping foot in Singapore as we await this historic summit with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Anthony, talk to us about this moment. This is history. We’re we are living regardless of what happens in that meeting between the two dictators, what we are seeing right now, this is history.”

Even Fox News can’t help, but let the truth slip out once in a while about Trump’s authoritarian dreams. What a moment in history, indeed. Trump’s own propaganda network admitted to the entire that the President Of The United States sees himself as a dictator.

Trump’s fantasy is that he is a unilateral leader who can do anything that he pleases. This is where his false theory that a president can pardon himself comes from.

Contrary to what Fox News may tell their viewers, Donald Trump is a president, not a dictator. Trump has to answer to the American people, and if he refuses to be accountable, voters will first elect a Congress will hold him accountable, and then vote Trump out of office at their first opportunity.

Fox News tries to keep up their Trump cheerleading facade, but every once in a while, even they get tripped up by the truth.

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