Robert Mueller Is Ending Trump’s World As Manafort Ordered To Jail


Paul Manafort being ordered to jail is another sign that Mueller in ending Trump’s world.



As NBC’s Pete Williams pointed out the calculus has now changed for Manafort, “Does that change his thinking about his strategy so far which has been to aggressively fight the government’s case. Will this cause him to reconsider and begin to enter into plea negotiations? I can’t answer that question but its to be noted this does change the circumstances now. The charges were filed by Robert Mueller in October. They have been adding to this case bit by bit. The latest charge they added was one of the things that happened in this hearing today was he was arraigned on new charges of witness tampering. That’s what led the judge to revoke his bail saying he agreed when he was let out on bail that he wouldn’t violate any laws. Now he’s charged with violating witness tampering laws even though his lawyer said what he did didn’t amount to the kind of witness tampering that Mueller was talking about. I think that’s the question. Does it change his calculus on how to go forward.”

Trump is doing his usual song and dance of downplaying his relationship with Paul Manafort in an effort to distance himself, but Manafort getting sent to jail is not only bad for Trump politically, but it also a sign of how much more is at stake for Trump beyond his presidency. Robert Mueller busted Manafort for crimes beyond the campaign. Mueller has the potential to not just end the Trump presidency, but to blow up his entire life. Trump’s family could end up in prison. If Mueller finds financial crimes, Trump’s money and his businesses could be gone.

Paul Manafort getting sent to jail is a reminder that the Special Counsel is likely to end Trump’s world.

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