Watch Young Girls Separated from Their Parents Being Moved In The Dead Of Night In New York

At 12:45 in the morning, these young girls who were separated from their parents on the Southern border and brought to New York were moved on the streets of East Harlem according to an exclusive by Spectrum News NY1. The reporters heard them speaking Spanish, and saw little children covered in blankets and put into a car.

At least 70 kids have been brought to New York.

A woman the children were with went into the building that processes children separated from their parents, but denied they had been separated from their parents. An hour later, they left with coverings over the children.

Watch here:

This is happening in your country. Someone gave an order to treat little girls like this, and many people obeyed these orders in order to make this happen.

Conservatives keep telling me that the camp tents where many separated children are being held look really great. Do they want their children held there, or moved on the streets of New York after midnight?

No one with a conscience wants this for any child. People should be in the streets protesting.