Nicolle Wallace Slams The Spineless Cowardice Of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell

Nicolle Wallace hammered Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for helping Trump ruin the lives of 2,300 children.


Wallace was discussing the permanent damage done to thousands of children by Trump’s policy when she called out Ryan and McConnell, “And it’s irreversible. I guess what I don’t understand about the Republican-run Congress is I’ve asked this before, I’m done doing it, they’ve lost their souls, that’s evidence here. Why don’t they want to help clean up the damage? This may be irreparable damage done to children at their hands. Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell potentially ruined the lives of 2,300 children.”

Wallace was right. It is too easy to blame only Trump for this policy. It is most definitely the president’s policy, but under our system of checks and balances, Republicans in Congress could have easily passed a bill that would have checked Trump by ending the family separations and mandating the family reunifications. If Republicans had supported such a bill, Democrats would have jumped on board, and it would pass with a veto-proof majority.

Ryan and McConnell permanently damaged thousands of children

Congressional Republicans have decided not to try to govern. Ryan and McConnell sat on their hands while thousands of children were traumatized for life. Blaming Trump is obvious, but the Republicans in Congress who refuse to clean up the damage that their president caused are in some ways even more despicable than Trump.

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