Trump Has A Cabinet Meeting Meltdown Because Democrats Won’t Cave To His Child Hostage Taking

Trump used his cabinet meeting to complaint and vent about Democrats not caring about his immigrant child hostages after they refused to cave and fund his wall.


Trump said:

But we need two to tango. We have 51 votes in the Senate. We need 60, unfortunately, because we have the ridiculous filibuster rule. So we need 60. And I think I’ll get four or five or six from senators, frankly, running in states where I won by 25, 30, 40 points with Mike. And I think we’ll get six senators, maybe seven, that still doesn’t get us to 60. There’s nothing you can do to get there. People don’t understand that. When we have a majority in the Senate, we have a majority by one, but we need ten votes. So we need ten potentially, we need ten Democrats. Not going to get them. They’re told by Schumer and Pelosi, don’t do it. Because we want to see if we can pick up seats. They don’t care about the children, they don’t care about the injury, they don’t care about the problems, they don’t care about anything. All they do is say obstruct and let’s see how we do. Because they have no policies that are any good. They’re not good politicians. They have nothing going. All they’re good at is obstructing and they generally stick together. I respect them for that. That’s about it. Their policies stink. They have no ideas, no nothing, the Democrats.

All they can do is obstruct and stay together and vote against and make it impossible to take care of children and families and to take care of immigration. We should be able to make an immigration bill that can really solve the problem, not just this — this is one aspect of it. This is one very important, but small aspect of it. We should be able to do a bill. I’d invite them to come over to the white house any time they want, this afternoon would be good, after the cabinet meeting would be good, they are invited officially, I will let you do the inviting, let the press do the inviting, but we have to do something about immigration in this country.

Democrats wouldn’t cave and Trump is mad

The Trump tantrum was really about backfiring of his gambit. Trump thought that he could take migrant child hostages and blame the Democrats who would then cave and fund his wall. After the whole scheme blew up in his face, the president is blaming Democrats for not giving in to his terrorism. It is because the Democrats care about the children and families that Trump was forced to take a half step back with his executive order.

Without the pressure from the press, Democrats, and the American people, Trump would have continued to separate children and families.

Democrats won’t vote for Trump’s immigration plan because it is a terrible idea.

Trump is frustrated. The fake dealmaker doesn’t have a clue how to negotiate.

Trump knows that he is losing, which is why he is folding his arms and blaming Democrats for the problem that he has caused.

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