Steve Schmidt Blasts ‘Imbecile Con Man’ Trump For Bringing About America’s Great Decline

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Steve Schmidt called Donald Trump and imbecile con man who won a fluke election and is bringing about America’s great decline.


Schmidt said, “When we look at trump right now, we look at the Republican party conservatism. There is only one requirement now to be labeled a conservative in good standing — absolute total obedience to trump. It doesn’t matter what he says so in the 240th year in the Independence of the United States, in three states by 78,000 votes, the American people by a fluke elected an imbecilic former reality TV show host, and con man whose only affinity for reading anything were the Adolf Hitler speeches he kept on his nightstand so are we on the edge of a tragedy that will unfold for this? By America’s decline is beginning and we should make no mistake about this. The US-led liberal global order is in peril. It’s in threat. Will he take us out of the world trade organization? Will he undermine the international system that Franklin Roosevelt conceived, that Harry Truman built, that was sustained through Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama? It’s anyone’s guess but the idea that tomorrow will be okay because yesterday was or last year was is a naive view of the world.”

Trump is weakening the United States

Trump is going beyond global prestige and standing. The policies that he is enacting are making the US economically weaker, less secure, and more isolated. The United States has led the world since the post World War II period, but under Trump, that leadership is over. Trump’s trade war and isolationism are weakening the US economy every single day. It is the economic equivalent of a death a thousand cuts. Trump is destabilizing American society.

Steve Schmidt was correct. The country is in decline, and the next president who inherits Trump’s mess will have a Herculean task of rebuilding a nation because Trump is reducing many pillars of the country to rubble.

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