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Trump And Ryan Humiliated As House Massively Votes Down GOP ‘Compromise’ Immigration Bill

An immigration bill that was supposed be a compromise among Republicans, and was endorsed by Trump, crashed and burned in the House.

Trump endorsed the bill via a tweet:

You can tell that Trump was serious because he tweeted in all caps.

The bill that was voted down today was the same one that was postponed last week after Paul Ryan couldn’t muster the votes from within his own majority for passage.

The vote was a total humiliation for Trump and Ryan

The final vote was 301-121 opposed. Paul Ryan and Donald Trump could not even get a majority of House Republicans to vote for an immigration bill. This wasn’t a defeat. It was a humiliation. The problem remains that Republicans from Trump through Congress can’t govern. They can’t pass legislation. They can’t get things done.

The immigration vote was evidence that Congress isn’t broken. The Republican Party is broken, and the way to fix it is to elect a Democratic House in November.

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