Democrats Have A Golden Opportunity As Trump’s Support Collapses With Republican Women

Trump’s support with Republican women is twenty points lower than it is with Republican men, which provides Democrats with a great opportunity to pick up even more support among Republican and Independent women in the midterm election.


Nicolle Wallace said on her MSNBC show Deadline: White House, ” I saw some polling today that even among women, Republican women, his approval number is 20 points lower than his approval rating among Republican men. He has 54% approval among men or Republican men, 34% approval among women. That plays right into this opportunity to steal women from the Independent and Republican categories in the midterms. That has to make people like Paul Ryan and Mitch Mcconnell very nervous to see that.”

The AP’s Jonathan Lemire added, “Of course, women, suburban women, that is not a hand the Republican party wants to be dealt going into this fall’s midterms. You would think Donald Trump, he had success to a degree in 2016 with that, with Republican women, that he would not want to loot any — he can’t afford to hemorrhage any of that support going into his reelection bid. That was the most dramatic moment.”

Trump is chasing women out of the Republican Party

Trump’s overall approval rating with women is 32%. If his support among Republican women stays at the same level as his approval rating other women, Republicans aren’t just going to lose the House. They may also lose the Senate. Trump went to Montana and did the one thing that Republicans couldn’t afford to have him do. He attacked women. Trump went after Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), and the entire #MeToo movement. Trump desperately wants to run against Warren because it will allow him to use the same sleazy tactics that he deployed against Hillary Clinton.

Democrats have an opportunity to build a real bipartisan coalition led by women of all ideologies to get rid of Trump.

Old, white, Fox News watching men did this to America. It may take a coalition of unified women to fix the disaster that has been unleashed.

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