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GOP Candidate Tells Parkland Father to ‘Stop Exploiting His Daughter’s Death’

Jaime Guttenberg was one of 17 people killed inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL in the mass shooting on Valentine’s Day. And now, Javier Manjarres, who is running for office in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District, has attacked Jaime’s father, Fred Guttenberg, on Twitter. According to Manjarres, Guttenberg should stop “exploiting” his daughter’s…


Trump Will Soon Separate Over 200,000 Children From Their Parents

President Donald Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policy which resulted in several thousand migrant children being separated from their families has caused an international outcry and a political backlash within the United States.  And despite Trump’s executive order reversing the policy of separating migrant families, most of the children have not been reunited with their parents….

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