Ari Melber Shreds Trump For Being A Coward Who Refuses To Fight Putin

Ari Melber pointed out that Trump has been exposed as a coward who refuses to fight Putin.


Melber said:

So here’s where we are. Donald Trump forged his entire public brand on firing anyone, fighting anyone and never apologizing or backing down. His whole aura was reality star meets Tom petty, won’t back down, gonna stand my ground, and I won’t back down. That was the narrative. This week, of course, exposes the giant exception. When it comes to Putin and Russia policy, Trump won’t fight. He looks like he’s afraid Putin will fire him.

He spent four consecutive days backing down and explaining himself. And this quite blatant departure from Trump’s normal brand has many serious people asking questions this week. “The New York Times,” front page, with an article questioning what happens when treason may hit the Oval Office. If Russia is the one topic that terms trump from a relentless Tom petty fighter to a kind of a bumbling, flinching, flailing capitulator, sort of a C3PO of foreign policy, people are going to ask why. Like tonight, people are asking why this widely contended week of Donald Trump’s foreign policy towards Russia is being capped at this hour with this developing news of a dramatic red carpet invite for Vladimir Putin to the White House.

Trump is now being called weak, afraid, intimidated, capitulating, and treasonous after his press conference with Putin and botched cleanup operations. Melber had it right. This week has exposed the real Donald Trump. The fighting deal maker myth has been shattered and replaced with a cowering old man who is afraid of Putin. It is a turning point.

The people who are devoted to the cult of Trump will put their hands over their ears and chant fake news, but for the rest of the country, a new narrative is taking hold. Not only is Trump incompetent and corrupt, but Donald Trump is also a coward.

The perception that a president is weak is fatal to an incumbent seeking a second term. For proof just ask Jimmy Carter or George H.W. Bush.

When Trump speaks, his words are viewed through a lens of cowardice, which means that everytime that he opens his mouth, he will only dig the hole deeper and cement his path to one-termer status.

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