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In 2016, Donald Trump Said Ted Cruz “Stole” the Iowa Primary and Called for a Do-Over. See How Cruz Reacted Back Then.

Back during the 2016 Republican primary, GOP lawmakers had a much different reaction to Donald Trump. Chris Christie frequently bashed him before becoming an important campaign surrogate. Lindsey Graham famously tweeted, “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it.” No the South Carolina senator is one of Trump’s chief sycophants. If…


Former Republican Strategist Steve Schmidt: “This Would Not Have Happened” If Obama Were President

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt criticized President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response, saying that the United States would not have the highest death toll from the virus in the world if former President Barack Obama were still in office. “If Barack Obama was the president of the United States, this would not have happened,” Schmidt told…

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