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Ari Melber Stops The Lies By Calling Out Mitch McConnell’s Immigration BS

Ari Melber preemptively called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s BS on immigration before showing the Kentucky Senator’s claims.

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Melber said before playing a clip of Mitch McConnell claiming that Senate Republicans want to keep families together, “We’re learning that it is now up to 13 members of the Senate Republican caucus formally asking attorney general Jeff sessions to stop it, to stop separating these families at the border until at least they can figure out an alternative. Today Mitch Mcconnell at least claims on the record he’s against separating families for any future legislation. Remember, before I show you this, Republicans control the house and senate right now. They could pass a bill tonight actually doing what Mitch Mcconnell is talking about, actually stopping this if they wanted.”

House and Senate Republicans could break with Trump if they wanted

McConnell was full of it. All it would take is 17 Senate Republicans supporting the Feinstein bill to provide a veto-proof majority. If Paul Ryan would allow a vote in the House, and Republicans would grow a spine in the Senate, this policy could be brought to an end with legislation that could survive a Trump veto. If Senate Republicans were to grow a backbone and defy Trump, it is likely that the White House would change the policy before they could suffer such a humiliating defeat.

If Republicans really want to keep families together at the border, they need to do something about it. Empty words with no action aren’t going to cut it, and Ari Melber was right to preemptively call out Mitch McConnell’s BS because what he was trying to sell as blaming the Democrats is actually nothing more than a Republican majority that is afraid to stand up to an out of control president.

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