Trump Just Claimed That Russia Is Going Meddle In The Midterm Election For Democrats


Trump tweeted that he fears that Russia is going to interfere in the election to help Democrats, as he is trying everything to distract from his own betrayal of America.

Trump tweeted:

The Russians Are Not Working To Help Democrats

The idea that the Russians would be trying to help Democrats after Trump stood beside Putin and gave him everything that he wanted is laughable. Trump was ready to turn over former US officials to Putin for questioning until a public outcry and a Senate rebuke forced him to back down. Trump stood beside Putin and betrayed the US intelligence community. Trump has attacked US allies and done his best to destroy the Western alliance. It is Trump who Putin admitted that he wanted in the White House, so the facts make the case that Trump’s tweet is nonsense.


The Russians are trying to interfere in the midterm election for Trump and the Republicans, not Democrats. It’s Republican members of Congress who are making trips to Russia, not Democrats.

Virginia Senate candidate Corey Stewart tried to make the same argument that Trump made about his strength against Russia, and he was laughed at during a debate.
As usual, Trump is trying to blame others for what he is doing. It is Trump and his party who are counting on Russia pushing hard for them, because a blue wave is coming, and without the help of their Russian handlers, the Republican Party is could be facing a massive defeat in November.

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