Trump Reeling As CNN Gets The Secret Cohen Tape And Obliterates His Payoff Cover-Up

Michael Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, gave CNN a Cohen/Trump tape that destroys Trump cover story about not knowing about a payoff to a Playboy model that he had an affair with in cash.

The tape from Cuomo Prime Time:


Cohen: I’ve spoken to Alan Weisberg about how to set the whole thing up with —

Trump: So what are we going to pay –?

Cohen: Yes. And it’s all the stuff, all the stuff because you never know where that company — you never know where he’s going to be.

Trump: He gets hit by a truck.

Cohen: Correct. I’m all over that. I spoke to Alan about it. When it comes time for the financing, which will be —

Trump: What financing?

Cohen: We’ll have to pay —

Trump: You won’t pay cash?

Cohen: No, no, no.

At the very minimum, the tape proves that Trump lied about the affair, lied about knowledge of the payment, and lied about the form of payment.

The tape sounds an awful lot like a conspiracy to hide the payment just two months before Election Day 2016.

It is clear now why the White House is more worried about the Michael Cohen investigation than the Mueller investigation. Trump is on tape possibly participating in an illegal conspiracy that could involve wire fraud and bank fraud.

Trump knew, and this tape destroys his cover-up and his defense.

If the White House thought last week was bad, this week is poised to be a whole lot worse.

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