Here Is Why Trump Is To Blame For Terrorists Potentially Getting 3-D Plastic Guns


It was Trump who ended a lawsuit that would have blocked terrorists from being able to download the blueprints for 3-D plastic guns, so if a terrorist ever uses these weapons against American citizens, it will be all on Trump.

MSNBC’s Velshi and Ruhle explained how Trump could be handing terrorists guns:


Stephanie Ruhle said, “The president weighed in saying I’m looking into 3-d guns being sold to the public. Already spoke to the NRA. It doesn’t seem to make much sense. It was the Trump State Department that dropped the lawsuit to stop the blueprints. The Obama administration started them saying the plans could be downloaded by terrorists, and beyond dropping the lawsuit, the Trump administration is looking at changing the very rule the designer was originally sued under. And to the second part of the president’s tweet, there’s no word why he would check in with the gun lobby or why the conversation would have taken place. Let’s slow it down. The NRA is a special interest group. He didn’t say he spoke to the Department of Justice or the State Department. He’s not speaking to any other gun control groups, but the president took to Twitter to say I have reached out to the NRA. So those of you who have chanted over and over, drain the swamp, walk us through — Why would you contact the largest lobbying group ever, the NRA, on what to do about the ghost gun.”

Trump went to the NRA because in his administration special interest groups pick Supreme Court justices and make public policy. The US has a president who has no vision or ideas of his own with the exceptions of dragging America back to the 1950s and making the country a Putin satellite state. It is Trump’s fault that without last-minute legal intervention, terrorists are going to be able to download blueprints for 3-D weapons. It doesn’t matter if Trump does something tomorrow, the deadline is midnight tonight.

If these blueprints go live, and Americans die because of it, their deaths will be on the hands of Trump.

The president will try to blame everyone else, but this is another problem singularly created by the neglect and incompetence of Donald Trump.

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