Nicolle Wallace Lays Out The Trump Obstruction Of Justice That Don McGhan May Have Witnessed

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace ran through the list of Trump crimes that White House Counsel Don McGhan may have witnessed and told Robert Mueller about.


Wallace said:

So here’s some of the flashpoints in the investigation into obstruction of justice that Son McGahn’s 30 hours of interviews may have helped make more clear to Robert Mueller. First, Trump’s campaign to pressure his A.G. To unrecuse himself in the investigation. In March trump ordered McGahn to stop sessions from recusing. Next the firing of FBI director James Comey. McGahn’s aides at the center and how Trump would explain it publicly. Then there was Trump’s attempt to fire Robert Mueller. Trump directed McGahn to fire the special counsel last June. Mcgahn this time refused. There are also concerns of witness tampering.

“The New York Times” reporting in March Mueller learned of two conversations in which trump asked key witnesses, one of them Don McGahn, about matters they discussed with the special counsel, raising concerns that the president was acting improperly. And then there is the spark that ignited it all, the firing of national security advisor Mike Flynn. McGahn was at the center of that, too. He was the one who briefed trump on Flynn’s dishonesty. And what Trump knew about Flynn’s deception and when he could — when he knew he could determine whether his pressure on Comey to drop the Flynn investigation amounted to obstruction of justice. There’s plenty of reason for Trump’s attorneys to worry.

Trump and his cronies have a whole world of problems because on McGhan realized that Trump was setting him to be the fall guy, he decided to fully cooperate with Mueller to show that he did not do anything wrong. Judging from the list that Nicolle Wallace ran off, McGhan heard and saw a lot.
McGhan’s lawyer told The Washington Post that his client doesn’t believe that he implicated Trump in any illegal behavior, but doesn’t believe is not the same thing as a no.

Trump terrible legal strategy is catching up to him, and it has led to Mueller getting information directly from the White House.

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