Trump Crime Family Shatters As NY Investigation Could Be Looking At Don Jr., Ivanka, and Kushner

Former federal prosecutor Paul Butler said that the Southern District of New York federal investigation into the Trump Organization could be looking at Trump kids Don Jr., and Ivanka along with son in law Jared Kushner.


Former federal prosecutor Paul Butler said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, “Remember, Robert Mueller, forwarded this case to the southern district for an investigation of Michael Cohen. Well, on Wednesday Michael Cohen became a convicted felon eight times over. So a question now is what’s the southern district’s end game? They have managed to prosecute and convict Michael Cohen. It seems like their target now is the president of the United States, but he cannot be indicted and prosecuted in a criminal case while in office, according to D.O.J. Guidelines, which the southern district is bound to follow. And so what are they trying to do? It could be that they are looking at people who are higher up than — in the Trump Organization, so that would include Don Junior, Jared, and Ivanka.”

The Trump Crime Family Is Collapsing

The American people are watching as the spotlight, and the intensity of the coverage of the presidency is shining light on the years of crime and corruption carried out by the Trump family. With the Trump Organization CFO, David Pecker, and Michael Cohen all either pleading guilty or being granted immunity; the Trump family is watching the people who worked within their organization spill their darkest secrets.

There is also a state-level investigation into the Trump Foundation, and all of the Trump children sit on the board of directors. Trump can’t pardon away any state charges that are leveled against his children. A crime family is cracking before the eyes of a nation, and the only thing saving the man at the head of it all is the office that he currently and temporarily holds.

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