Google Trolls Trump By Already Renaming Senate Office Building After John McCain

A day after Trump attacked Google, Google Maps changed the name of the Senate office building to honor the late Sen. John McCain.

On Monday, Trump claimed that the search engines were rigged against him and called for Google to be regulated.
Here is what Google Maps looked like on Tuesday morning:

The map:

Google is a giant of a company, so it could have just been somebody trying to get ahead of the curve, as the Senate is certain to pass a resolution renaming the Russell Building after McCain, but it is still fun to think that someone at Google wasn’t impressed with Trump‘s threat.

Trump doesn’t use the Internet. He doesn’t understand the Internet and has absolutely no idea what he is talking about when he discusses Google. His administration is trying to pull the authoritarian stunt of manipulating and controlling what people see in their news. This is a goal that Kellyanne Conway stated that Trump holds.

At the heart of Trump‘s beef with Google is his desire for the American people to only see positive coverage of him. Trump wants state-controlled Internet and media. The president’s attack on Google was a political stunt to distract and play on the myth of liberal bias, but its underpinnings were an assault on the free flow of information.

Google was right. John McCain will have a Senate building named after him, while the only government structure that might carry Trump‘s name is a federal prison.

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