Kamala Harris Nails Kavanaugh As A Partisan Who Will Put Trump Ahead Of The Constitution

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) raised the most troubling aspect of the Brett Kavanaugh nomination. Kavanaugh is a Republican partisan who will put Trump ahead of the Constitution.


Sen. Harris said:

I’ll close by saying this, we have a system of justice that is symbolized by a statue of a woman holding scales. And she wears a blindfold. Justice wears a blindfold because we have said in the United States of America, under our judicial system, justice should be blind to a person’s status. We have said that in our system of justice, justice should be blind to how much money someone has, to what you look like or who you love, to who your parents are and the language they speak.

And every supreme court justice must understand and uphold that ideal. And sir, should those cases become — come before you, judge Kavanaugh, I am concerned whether you would treat every American equally, or instead how allegiance to the political party and the conservative agenda that has shaped and built your career. I am concerned your loyalty would be to the president who appointed you, and not to the constitution of the United States. These concerns I hope you will answer during the course of this hearing. I believe the American people have a right to have these concerns. I also believe the American public has a right to full and candid answers to the questions that are presented to you during the course of this hearing. I will be paying very close attention to your testimony, and I think you know the American public will be paying very close attention to your testimony.

Republicans Are Trying To Hide Kavanaugh’s Partisanship

Unlike other nominees in the past, it is clear where Brett Kavanaugh’s partisan leanings lie. He was involved with the Republican impeachment of Bill Clinton. He worked in the Bush White House, and he is a darling of the far-right. Trump nominated Kavanaugh because of his views on presidential power, and that he will be a get out of jail free card for this president.

What Republicans are trying to hide by not releasing 102,000 pages of documents is that Brett Kavanaugh is out of step with the rest of the country. Kavanaugh isn’t a call it down the middle nominee. He is an extremist who will set progress back by decades on numerous issues if he is confirmed.

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