Rachel Maddow Shows Why Trump Should Be Terrified About Ending Up In Prison

Rachel Maddow discussed the concern surrounding the possibility that Trump could end up in prison and showed why the “orange jumpsuit concern” is very real.


Maddow said:

The Orange jump suit concern is real. The president’s own legal jeopardy is barreling toward a finale that will almost assuredly rocket through the federal courts and there by almost assuredly get to the Supreme Court. This president is an unindicted co-conspirator in a federal case that has been brought against his personal lawyer and has already resulted in eight guilty felony pleas. That same longtime personal lawyer swore in open court under oath that it was the president himself who ordered him to commit multiple felonies during course of the presidential campaign.

The president’s first national security adviser, his deputy campaign chair, a campaign foreign policy adviser, have all pled guilty already to federal felony charges in conjunction with this investigation. We’re waiting a sentencing at the end of this week for the campaign adviser who has pled guilty. The injure selection process started today for a second federal jury that will hear additional felony charges against president’s campaign chair who was already just found guilty on eight felony counts and who is about to go on trial for another seven felony counts.

The president’s White House counsel has reportedly given over 30 hours of interviews and he’s just announced he is leaving the administration. The CFO of the president’s business, an executive who has been with the president for decades and who worked for the president’s father before him. The executive who has apparently authorized every payment ever went through president’s business or charitable foundation, the executive who reportedly filled out at least some of the president’s tax returns, he has been granted immunity in exchange for his testimony. As has the head of the “National Enquirer” which they said participated in the president’s illegal hush money schemes which have now been charged as federal campaign finance felonies. Also granted immunity, this convicted pedophile who most recently was the business partner of a major Trump donor and a high ranking Republican party official who is now reportedly under the investigation for influence peddling.

A federal grand jury in Washington this week is continuing to hear testimony that appears to be connected to the president’s longtime political consultant, Roger Stone, who is now pleading publicly for help paying his legal bills. He says he’s quite sure that he is the next one to be indicted and soon. Yes, so it’s not like the president has anything to worry about. No chance anything related to this president will end up in the courts any time soon, right?

Rachel Maddow shows that Trump can end up in supermax or the Oval Office

It is simple. The Kavanaugh confirmation is the difference between Trump finishing his term in office or doing a stretch in federal prison. At some point, Trump will be out of office. Brett Kavanaugh can make sure that nothing happens to Trump he either leaves or is removed from the presidency. The Trump scandals on a collision course with the court system.

Trump will be subpoenaed or indicted at some point in the near future.

The orange jumpsuit possibility is very real, and the only thing that might save Trump from prison is Republicans violating every rule and norm to get Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.

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