As Kavanaugh Nomination Sinks, Trump Falls Apart And Attacks Christine Blasey Ford

The accused, that is, Mr. Trump– a man credibly accused of sexual assault 19 times before he was elected president – returned to his true form Friday morning after getting his ego puffed up beyond capacity at his rally last night, and attacked Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, because it’s not enough that his cult have threatened her life and forced her family out of her home.

First, he thinks his word as a self-confessed sexual assaulter is a meaningful character reference for someone who is also facing the same accusations:

Trump tosses some of his trademark convenient dumbness our way, pretending that rape charges are usually brought right away — when in fact only 35% are ever reported to the police:

Did you not hear his screams? Baby Toddler might not get his way, so he will repeat himself for the people in the back because who cares about the 1 out of 6 women who are sexually assaulted in this country, along with the children and men who are sexually assaulted. Trump mad and Trump ‘does not believe her does not believe her does not believe her’:

And the he had a pivot to the Russia probe… about those documents, yeah he promised them but something something law enforcement whom he hates yada yada not yet Russia.

And then right back at it with a deleted tweet: “Senator Feinstein and the Democrats held the letter for months, only to release it with a bang after the hearings were OVER – done very purposefully to Obstruct & Resist & Delay. Let her testify, or not, and TAKE THE VOTE!”

And again, like the stable genius he is:

Actually, Senator Feinstein did not release a very damaging letter that could have helped the Democrats, because she was honoring the wishes of the victim. Only when the media found out about the accusation and hunted Blasey Ford down at her place of work did she decide she would have to come forward. She did not want to come forward.

This is exactly what Donald Trump was not supposed to do, especially given Kavanaugh‘s already historically low polling numbers that keep dropping with news that he belonged to a fraternity that chanted, “No means yes, yes means anal” in front of the University Women’s Center.

Once again, Trump can’t resist the bait. He falls for Obama‘s bait every time – one word from Obama and Trump will spin out of control for a week trying to prove Obama wrong. He also falls for the Fox News bait almost daily.

The President of the United States, a man accused of sexual assault at least 19 times, a man who calls female journalists “c*nts” when they write things he doesn’t like, is punching so far down from his bully pulpit that he’s basically attacking a woman in the Intensive Care Unit of emotional health.

Charles Blow, a survivor of child sexual assault himself, explained this feeling quite well – oh, and by the way he also explains the things Republicans pretend they can’t understand, like the delays the memories, which I also explained as a survivor myself:

The way the media is covering this, the way Republicans are talking about it, and the way Donald Trump just suggested that if it were real charges would have been filed immediately (when he knows from personal experience that this is untrue because many women have not filed immediate charges against him) — it’s all not just a revictimization of Blasey Ford, but an attack on assault survivors everywhere. And if they were not stuck in Fox News land, they’d do the math. Let’s see. One of out six women is a sexual assault survivor, they often have friends, loved ones, and family who know about their assault and know they did not file immediately, and now they are hearing Republicans attack an alleged and credible victim.

Trump is punching a victim from the bully pulpit, because even if the things she said weren’t true — and they seem like they are – the way she’s being treated is so outrageously wrong. Not only have we gone back to Anita Hill times, but it’s even worse, because Blasey Ford is not even being being given a real investigation.

Let us not forget, Donald Trump is “The Accused” as well. He is hardly objective in this matter. Grabbing them by the “p*ssy” is not assault to him; it’s locker room “talk”.