Donald Trump and His Children Are Truly Doomed

Last updated on September 24th, 2018 at 06:48 am

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The news yesterday that Michael Cohen has spent many hours over the past month telling Bob Mueller everything he knows could not have been worse for President Donald Trump and his three favorite children, Don Jr,. Eric, and Ivanka.

It basically confirmed what we’ve been suspecting for a long time: that all four of them could be headed to jail.

Back on September 12th we reported that New York state prosecutors were moving to file criminal charges against them.

The following passage from that article is worth repeating:

“We’ve always known that Donald Trump cannot pardon anyone on state level charges, so this news is a big deal for the president and his family. Also, there is no rule that says the president’s business (The Trump Organization) or the president’s children cannot be indicted while he is president.”

New York prosecutors look like they are moving very aggressively and don’t want to wait to pursue criminal charges.And there’s nothing Donald Trump can do about it.”

“Three of his children– Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka – are involved in finances of both the Trump Organization and the Trump Foundation. So they might be implicated in the company’s illegal financial maneuvers.”“In short, New York State can indict and arrest Trump’s kids while he’s still in office.”

Now let’s look again at what ABC news reported yesterday:

“Cohen is also cooperating with a separate probe by New York state authorities into the inner workings of the Trump family charity and the Trump Organization.”

Donald Trump is the head of the Trump Organization and the Trump Foundation.

Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump have had their fingerprints all over the operations of both entities.

The importance of the Cohen news cannot be overstated. It means that he has VOLUNTARILY been cooperating with prosecutors, even though he doesn’t have a cooperation agreement. And he is cooperating with Mueller, the Southern District of New York, AND New York state law enforcement agencies.

Mueller is in such a position of strength that he didn’t even have to give Cohen a cooperation deal in order to get him to cooperate. Cohen almost begged Mueller to let him spill the dirt on the Trump Crime Family. 

But remember: Mueller DID give a formal cooperation deal to Paul Manafort. This tells us that Manafort really has the goods on Trump. If he didn’t have some very powerful evidence against Trump then Mueller would have ignored his request for a plea deal, like he did with Cohen. So Manafort has given Mueller exactly what he needed to put the nails in Donald Trump‘s coffin.

Also, the chief financial officer for the Trump Organization and the Trump Foundation, Allen Weisselberg, is testifying against the Trumps under an immunity deal. This is the man who wrote all the checks and kept all the books for Trump since the 1970’s.

On August 26th we reported that Weisselberg’s deal was bad news for the Trump family:

A lawsuit filed back in June by the State of New York has the potential to bring down Donald Trump and his children as it exposes a conspiracy to misuse charitable funds and break multiple laws. This is especially true now that Trump’s financial executive, Allen Weisselberg, is cooperating with prosecutors.

With Weisselberg, Manafort and Cohen all working for the prosecutors now, the only worse news Donald Trump could get is if his own children agreed to testify against him also.

And the way things are going for the president, don’t be surprised if that actually happens some day. Mueller has proven that he can get ANYBODY to flip on Trump. Especially when they are faced with the prospect of spending decades in jail. Which is exactly what Trump‘s children are looking at.

But even if they don’t flip, one thing is clear: Donald Trump is doomed.

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