Anti-Kavanaugh Ad Targeted at Men in AZ, AK, ME, and IA Asks “Did You Do This In High School?”


An Anti-Kavanaugh ad by the Agenda Project targeting middle age men in Arizona, Alaska, Maine, and Iowa asks.

The ad will saturate the air waves in those four key states.

Watch here:

(Trigger warning: This video is a dramatization of alleged events. It contains violent images that may be disturbing to some viewers. Caution is strongly advised.)

The ad:

Dear MEN,
Text: Did you do this in high school?
Sincerely, WOMEN

Action: Dramatization of Dr. Ford’s testimony

Text: Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court?
Men like YOU can STOP men like HIM.
Call your Senator

This is a dramatization of what De. Christine Blasey Ford says Brett Kavanaugh did to her in high school. Then it asks, “Did you do this in high school?”

Because the truth is, most men are not rapists. Most men have not pushed a girl into a room, shoved her down on a bed, torn at her clothes, turned the music up to cover her screams and then covered her mouth until she thought she was going to be killed while they try to rape her. No, this is not something most men have done.

That’s the problem with predators. Good men project their own unwanted advances onto the predator’s denials and figure yeah, they’ve had a woman say no before and maybe they weren’t quick to stop. But that is not the same thing as this at all.

This is a deliberate act of such violence and cruelty that only a deeply disturbed person could perpetrate it.

She also said he and his buddy Mark Judge laughed at her as she screamed for help.

Agenda Project Founder Erica Payne hopes the ad buy will “convince men in those states to use their voices to demand a ‘no’ vote from their Senators. My hope is that the Iowa buy will help Senator Grassley understand and appreciate the incredible disservice he has done to all women with his handling of this issue. Good men can stop men like Brett Kavanaugh, but only if they fully grasp how deviant his alleged behavior was, and (hopefully) how different it was from how they conduct themselves. Our goal is to reach as many men as possible.”

The video is being distributed along with the number to the US Senate switchboard and a call to action for the men who view the video to stop Kavanaugh‘s confirmation.

As the Agenda Project proves, there are more good men trying to do the right thing than there are bad. It’s time to elevate their voices so that we can all stand together to stop this assault on victims, which are women, men and children. No one is safe from a predator.