Mitch McConnell To Force A Vote On Kavanaugh Confirmation This Week

Mitch McConnell compared the FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh to McCarthyism and announced that he is going hold a vote on Kavanaugh‘s Supreme Court nomination confirmation this week.

Video of McConnell comparing the FBI investigation to McCarthyism:

McConnell said on the Senate floor, “The time for endless delay and obstruction has come to a close. Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination is out of committee. We’re considering it here on the floor. We’ll be voting this week.”

Nothing that the FBI finds is going to change Republican minds

McConnell’s statements on the Senate floor made it clear. The Republicans who support Kavanaugh have their minds made up and nothing that the FBI finds is going to change their yes votes for his confirmation. What is unknown is whether or not the FBI report will swing any of the three remaining undecided Republican Senators.

It is possible that Sens. Flake, Collins, and Murkowski will view the FBI report as giving them enough cover to vote to confirm Kavanaugh. If the FBI finds inconsistent or untrue statements from Kavanaugh, it could be enough to sink the nomination, but as Monday, no one knows for sure.

What would sink Kavanaugh‘s nomination would be if more women came forward, but that has not happened yet.

Mitch McConnell is making it clear that he doesn’t care if Brett Kavanaugh is a sexual predator, he wants the fifth conservative vote on the Supreme Court. McConnell referred to the FBI investigation as both McCarthyism and obstruction. It is neither. The investigation is part of the fact-finding and vetting process that Senate Republicans have ignored due to their rush to get a Supreme Court justice confirmed before they potentially lose the Senate next month.

Mitch McConnell is going to force a vote on Kavanaugh, and if his pressure tactics backfire, a Supreme Court seat might be vacant for the next two years.

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